The 3 Cs

In my work I blend counselling, coaching and consultancy. Whilst our work together may emphasise one more than the others, it will likely contain elements of each. There is no need therefore to choose between them as they form an integrated whole.


In counselling and therapy we address problems and difficulties that are having a significant, detrimental impact on your life. 

Together we can describe and work with such difficulties within a "medical" framework of diagnosis (such as depression, anxiety and OCD) and treatment plans, or we can frame things more organically as difficulties in living to be acknowledged and explored with compassion. Either way the aim is to lessen these difficulties and allow you to live well.



Coaching is for when your life may generally feel okay  but you are keen to move forward and develop -  be it in the context of work, health, relationships or a wider engagement with life.

Collaboratively we can model the elements of how you currently coach yourself and build an alternative self-coaching style that draws on encouragement, creativity and wisdom. The overall aim is to help you cultivate a coaching style that enhances your wellbeing and efficacy.



Consultancy involves exploring your fundamental organising principles and the values that you wish to manifest in your day to day life. It encompasses identity, ethics and ecology.

Consultancy takes a wide, systemic view of you as an individual functioning in all the various contexts of your life. It aims to ensure that you as a whole feel greater than the sum of your parts. 



Working in an integrative way has afforded me the privilege of supporting  clients facing a with a wide range of issues from many ages and stages of life including:

Anxiety, depression, OCD, trauma, self-harm, issues around food and eating; studying, planning and structuring; being neurodivergent in a neurotypical world; managing change and transition; fostering positive relationships;  and lifelong learning.